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        Service Service
        Contact us

        Tel: 027-83831112
        Fax: 027-84633020
        E-mail: jldl@jldl.net
        Address: Hubei province Wangjiawan Longyang Avenue Wuhan City Hanyang District 3 Building 1 Qimao complex building A block

          Company is engaged in the generator rental business at the same time, the power range of 10 kw - 2000 kw, Full specifications and more varieties for customers to choose at random. At any time to provide clients with different power unit self-provided power, meet the demand of power supply, to the construction site, exhibition activities, fire standby, enterprise peak, short-term should bring along their own power of choice. Equipped with professional operators, according to the customer need to cooperate unit power, provide perfect, professional generator rental services. Customers can regular, irregular or short-term lease, for the general customers to create greater efficiency.



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