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        About About
        Contactcontact us

        Tel: 027-83831112
        Fax: 027-84633020
        E-mail: jldl@jldl.net
        Address: Hubei province Wangjiawan Longyang Avenue Wuhan City Hanyang District 3 Building 1 Qimao complex building A block

        Wuhan Jieli Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in a beautiful scenery which name Hanyang Economic Development Zone, which is locked at the key which linked nine provinces, Wuhan of Hubei Province. Our company is a high-tech enterprises collection that include research and development, design and manufacturing, sales and leasing, technical consulting and environmental noise.

        Our company product and operate 12KW-2500KW Diesel generator set, The heavy oil fuel oil supply unit, 30# The heavy oil fuel oil supply unit, Separator unit,Trailer power station, Silent power station, Gear box and various Ship fittings, which are widely used in factories, mines, building, telecommunications, road construction, ship, oil product, railways and other industries.

        Our company has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification by the humanistic scientific management and strict quality control. There are four centre under the Headquarters, which are the administrative centre, marketing centre, production centre, complete sets of engineering service centre.

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