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        huafeng series of weichai
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        Weichai - HuaFeng series marine diesel generator, power coverage range: 20KW-120KW. Unit selected Weichai - HuaFeng diesel engine as the prime mover, with "Blue Electric", "the Vosges", "the three wave", "marathon", "Siemens", "Standford" and so on brushless generator, the unit meets GB/T13032-2010 "marine diesel generator sets general technical conditions" standard.

        HuaFeng Weichai series diesel engine is in twentieth Century 80 with the British Ricardo company jointly developed a new generation of power, and is a replacing product of similar type of update. The models have good power performance, economy, start, supporting adaptability and low fuel consumption characteristics. 95, 100, 102 115-135 diameter, 105, 113 five, travel; divided into four cylinder, six cylinder inline, water-cooled; Department, four stroke, direct injection diesel engine speed; power coverage for 26.5-155KW; speed respectively 1500r/min and 1800r/min, 50HZ and 60HZ to meet different frequency generator group needs, product emissions meet the Europe II standard.

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