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        huadong series of weifang
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        Weifang - East China Series marine diesel generator, power coverage range: 20KW-180KW. Unit selects the Weifang East China diesel engine as the prime mover, with "Blue Electric", "the Vosges", "the three wave", "marathon", "Siemens", "Standford" and so on brushless generator, the unit meets GB/T13032-2010 "marine diesel generator sets general technical conditions" standard.

        Weifang Huadong diesel engine is divided into 4100, 4105, 6105, 6126 and four series, is a vortex type, direct injection type high speed diesel engine, power coverage range is 26.5 - 225KW, speed of 1500r/min and 1800r/min. The series of absorbing foreign advanced technology, the fuel, intake and exhaust, cooling, transmission system optimization and improvement, has the characteristics of low oil consumption, high reliability, large torque, good operability, convenient repair.

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