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        Mannheim series of CSIC
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        CSIC Mannheim series marine diesel generator, power coverage range: 90KW-1700KW. Unit selects the river Chai Mannheim MWM234 series V6, V8, V12 and 604B series diesel engine as the prime mover, with "blue electricity", "the Vosges", "the three wave" and "marathon", "SIEMENS", "Standford" brushless generator, the unit meets GB/T13032-2010 "marine diesel generator set general technical conditions" standard.

        River Chai - Mannheim diesel engines are divided into TBD234, TBD604, TBD620 series, power coverage range: 130KW-1819KW, speed of 1500r/min and 1800r/min. Combustion organization to improve the series diesel engines, good starting performance, good acceleration performance, high reliability, long service life, less maintenance workload of repair, compact structure, small size, light weight, no special requirements on oil, to meet the IMO organization of the NOx emission requirements.

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